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About EDC Group

EDC Group provides a full range of services for STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) Publishers, consortia libraries, corporate industry, R & D, and government agencies.

EDC Group formerly known as EDC Electronic Data Center, a NY corporation, formed in 1997 to support all aspects of STM electronic publishing. EDC Group developed web-based digital platforms for various non-for-profit groups and commercial publishers and provided a full range of web-product development and distribution. In 2005, EDC Group formed marketing and sales division that provides a full range of marketing and sales services in South America, Europe and Asia.

Why EDC Group

  • Internationally ranged: offices in the United States, Brazil, China, and United Kingdom. Knowledge of languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.
  • Specialized skills: experience in international marketing, sales, business management and planning with professional STM publishers and consortia libraries.
  • Network - international connection: well-established contact with a wide range of STM publishers and libraries internationally.
  • Full range of representation: consultation and evaluation of customer needs; analysis, proposals, licensing and agreements; promotion and distribution; communication and negotiation.
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