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EDC Group provides a full range of services for academic publishing industry covering all aspects of business development, strategic planning for marketing and sales, and a full range services for STM electronic publishing, production and technology development.


  • Marketing analysis, strategic planning for STM Publishers and library consortia
  • Full range of services for conferences, group meetings, special events, and workshop
  • Publishers account management: promotional campaign planning, marketing and sales
  • All aspects of multilingual graphic design and advertisement
  • Multilingual communications
  • Special mailings for content promotion, distribution and awareness within Global academic industrial communities


  • Consultations, analysis, proposals, and meeting arrangements with libraries and directors of consortia for publishers
  • Full range of support for content analyses, proposals, licensing models, agreements, and payments collection


  • Web-site development
  • Semantic database and search technologies for knowledge management
  • Full scientific e-publishing workflow cycle: copy-editing, typesetting, web-placing, search indexing and semantic organization
  • Mobile platform: books, journals and other publications from iOS or Android devices
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